Bruce represented me in a very difficult and acrimonious divorce case. I was highly impressed by the way that Bruce and his staff dealt with my wife and her attorney. I hired Bruce as my attorney. I finished my case feeling as though Bruce and his staff were family. I could always call Bruce’s office and have Dawn or Carrie help me with any questions I had. More importantly, I always received a smiling face when I walked into Bruce’s office. I was more than pleased at the outcome of my case. Bruce and his staff not only handled my case in the most competent manner possible, but they treated me with kindness and respect at all times. I would highly recommend Bruce Cozart for anyone who needed a family law attorney.

Gerry G.

Thank you, Bruce, for a successful outcome to a very difficult divorce case. There were so many gray areas in this case that could have gone either way but your knowledge of the law and what does and what does not apply made the difference. Sometimes we just had to go with your “gut” feeling due to lack of cooperation from the other side. It proved to be “spot on” which left me with the settlement I felt was fair. I will recommend your service to anyone I know when they have the need.

Irina C.

Attorney Bruce Cozart helped me get through a difficult time in my life. If it wasn’t for him and his AMAZING staff, I would have had a nervous breakdown. My divorce was very complicated. It involved child custody & visitation, child support, spousal support, and a request for a move-away. Bruce let me know what was going to happen each and every step of the way, whether it was good or bad. His staff was very knowledgeable as well. They made sure I was well prepared for each court date. Bruce always made time to see or speak with me. I honestly felt like I was his only client. No matter how many times we went to court, I always came out on top. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. I HIGHLY recommend Atty. Bruce Cozart. 5 Stars!!!!

Nichole B.

Being in the situation I was in with a pending divorce, you were able to work out all of the details of my divorce settlement in a very favorable manner. I am so glad a business friend of mine referred me to you. You and your staff made all of the difference in resolving my case quicker than I could have ever imagined. My divorce case was gut-wrenching for me but you handled the case with a tremendous amount of competence. Your ability to respond to time-sensitive issues was impeccable. Your years of experience handling family law cases became very apparent to me. I thank you and your staff for level of professionalism and excellence. I would recommend you to anybody needing a great family law attorney.

Jerry N.

Years ago, sixteen or so of them, Bruce Cozart came to my aid by picking up the pieces of a case that someone else had started. Even with the disadvantage of becoming involved in the matter in the middle and having to clean up a mess, Bruce used his skills to produce an outcome that was beyond what I expected. When the same ugly head reared up two years ago, I had no hesitation about calling Bruce. Once again, he demonstrated his ultimate professionalism, his encyclopedic knowledge of family law and his outright tenacity not only to stop the petitioner cold but to wring out a settlement that can only be described as monumental. To me, Bruce appears as a warm, affable, avuncular person. Apparently, to his adversaries he appears as a large cat, a tiger perhaps, who quietly awaits his opportunity and then brings devastation (I can only surmise this based upon anecdotal testimony). I have retained a few attorneys in my lifetime, so I have a small sample for comparison. Among them, Bruce Cozart ranks at the top, primarily because it has always seemed that he put the good of the client above the making of money. He is the first person to whom I would turn in a family law situation.

Carol A.

Bruce Cozart was highly recommended from more than one reputable source who experienced nothing short of exceptional service regarding child custody. Mr. Cozart has more than 30 years of knowledge and experience with family law and maintains his reputation across all of San Diego County. Mr. Cozart and his staff are nothing short of understanding and compassion with their clients and personally made me feel at ease throughout the entire process. I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that Mr. Cozart and his entire team had our best interest at heart from start to finish. I am very satisfied with the outcome of our case and applaud Mr. Cozart for his exceptional work.

Nathan R.

Dear Bruce and Staff
I wanted to take a moment to express to you and others my Sincere Gratitude and how very Thankful and grateful I am and have been since 2012 to have walked into your office during the most difficult time in my life, my divorce. From the first time I met Bruce and his Staff I have always felt very comfortable communicating with them, and they are always accessible and attentive to my needs. Bruce’s professionalism and many years of experience in the field of divorce and family law have allowed me to feel secure and confident that I’m going to be ok. Bruce has also ALWAYS taken my situation very seriously and I have ALWAYS been well represented during this emotionally turbulent and scary time in my life. Bruce and Staff THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, I will forever be grateful for not only all you have done and still continue to do, but mostly for Never Giving Up on Me! I have no hesitation in referring Bruce Cozart to any of my friends or family in need of his expertise.

Evelyn M.

Bruce has handled all of the matters related to my initial divorce and ensuing complex issues for the past 14 years. He and his staff are consummate professionals. Bruce is an expert in in the field, timely, responsive and forward thinking. Bruce cuts to the chase and is extremely efficient. Given his decades of San Diego experience he knows and understands the system and players better than anyone.

Andy N.

In 2004 I made a choice to be involved with a woman that I knew from the beginning that I should not be with. Shortly after that I made the choice to marry her. All of the pain that me and my children went through, I take full responsibility for. After a couple of years I chose to separate from her but in my pain and depression I never divorced her even though I did not live with her and let us separate life.

In 2013 I finally woke up from the darkness. I started on the path to heal myself and reached to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for guidance. As I started to grow and become healthier, I finally was ready to take the steps needed to be set completely free from my past choices and finalize the divorce.

Crying out in prayer one evening a friend of mine heard me praying for guidance and for the right attorney to help me with this. I wanted to be sure no matter what was said by her or what choices she chose to make that everything that I did was in alignment with my faith from beginning to end. My friend gave me Bruce Cozart said this is the man that you need to talk to. He referred him from experience. He knew Bruce very well and had used him in the past. In my eyes my case was complicated because there was a lot of things that were left undone as a result of the darkness that had a hold of me back then. Bruce and his staff were very patient and walked me through each and every step. In the end, every single thing that I had prayed for was answered. God truly blessed me with not only having Bruce as my attorney but getting to know him as a friend and a man that I could truly trust.

Some people do their job well because they have learned to do it and others are blessed with God given talents and callings. Bruce Cozart is definitely a man filled with gifts from God and the patients of a man that truly loves what he does.

Thank you so much again Bruce for how you set me and my family free from my past.

God bless and sincerely

Dennis S.